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On August 17, 2011, I turned 81 years old. Even at my age, I am still very active with golfing, bowling, sailing, and I work part time as a starter at my golf course. I have always been reasonably healthy, with one exception. About 11 years ago, I started having pain in my left knee. My doctor sent me to an orthopedist that x-rayed my knee, advised me that I had no cartilage left, it was bone rubbing on bone, and that I needed a new knee. I said no, I will just live with it. He replied that when it hurt enough to come back and get a new knee. That was 11 years ago. Since then, I survived with my bad knee with the help of daily pain pills and a large heavy duty knee support, while trying to keep up my active life.

About two months ago, I received a brochure on Revatrol in the mail. I read some of the testimonials and became interested, thinking it might give me more pep and energy so I sent for a trial order. I didn’t order it thinking it would help my knee. When I received my order, I started taking one Revatrol pill each morning. At first, I didn’t feel much different. One morning, after taking Revatrol for about two weeks, I was sitting on the side of my bed putting on my support on my left knee, when I suddenly realized that I had not experienced any pain in my knee that morning, which was unusual, so I decided to try and leave of the support to see what happened, and didn’t take my regular morning pain pill. I played golf that day with no pain pills, no knee support, and no pain. It was hard for me to believe after suffering for so long. At first, I didn’t understand why the sudden change. I finally figured out that I had done nothing different in my daily activities or diet, other than adding the supplement Revatrol. I couldn’t believe it, but that had to be what did it. That was over a month ago, and I still have no pain. It, to me, is the closest thing to a real miracle that I have ever experienced. Now, every time I see someone wearing a knee support like I did, I tell them about my miracle, and suggest they give Revatrol a try.

– Theodore (Ted) Ury
San Juan Capistrano, CA


T-Boost has added amazing vitality to my activities at age 83. The muscle mass I have maintained through exercise has been a plus factor in retaining mobility and stamina [which is] important in living an active and physical lifestyle.

– Riley Kelly
Excel, AL


To whom it may concern,

First let me explain that I have never felt the need, urge, or that great about a product to ever write to someone about it.

Now, a brief history: My daughter, 17 years old, has had a history of heart ailments which have burdened her for her entire life. She has been misdiagnosed with asthma, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), and the list goes on. We have tried numerous prescriptions (Propranolol) and nothing has helped. She also suffers from periodic headaches. She has taken Ibuprofen, Alieve, Naprosyn, Aspirin, Motrin, Tylenol, etc. Again, to no avail. Nothing works. Nothing until now. She recently tried some Isoprex for a minor headache, and much to our surprise, it (the headache) went away. The next time she started with chest pains, I was wondering…hmmm…I wonder if this would do anything? And believe it or not. It Did! It made her chest (heart) pain bearable to the point that it was almost gone! We couldn’t believe it!

I just wanted to write to you and tell you: THANK YOU ALL very, very much for creating such a product that would make her pain go away.


– John C. Archer


“I have been suffering with tingling in my arms and hands during the night for the past few years. I’ve experimented with sleeping with different pillows and wearing wrist braces, but nothing helped. A friend of mine told me about Oraescin and how it helped her with pain in her legs, so I decided to give it a try. After the first 2 weeks, I didn’t notice much relief, but I wasn’t ready to give up. I kept taking it regularly and I was into my second bottle when I started to notice less tingling sensations during the night. I was so excited, I ordered another 3 month supply and now, I am not experiencing any tingling in my arms and hands. I am sleeping through the night and I feel great! I am delighted with the results! Thank you for such a great product!”

– A. Archer


“Since taking Prosentials, my constipation is gone! I’m much more regular and my energy level is better. I can once again enjoy the occasional onion dip or red meat without getting intestinal cramps or bad gas. Please send me more!”

– Donna D.,
Middletown, NJ

Youthful Allure

“I have been using Youthful Allure for a few weeks now. It feels more luxurious than any other moisturizer I’ve tried. My skin feels so good and dewy afterward. I also use it on my hands and on the dry patches on my elbows and it has really helped. It is so soothing and does help improve how my skin feels and looks, without being greasy or too heavy.”

– Cathy R.
Chicago, IL