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To Whom It Concerns:

I am sending you this order so as to give you some testimonial about your product that I had previously ordered and was quite pleased with the surprise of the results that occurred with my “Blood Work” ordered by my Doctor. Instead of re-ordering from your company, I received information from another company that made my curiosity greater to order their product, as the information sounded like it would give me greater support as to why I have tried “REVATROL” in the first place.

I have made the change and to my surprise, I do not feel as well with the product and when I received your recent order form, I decided that I would like to re-order from your company.

I am enclosing the order form sent as marked with the quantity and check to cover the purchase. Thank you for hearing my comments.

Thank you,
– Dolores A.
Palm Harbor, FL


I lost my manhood in 2003. I started trying male products and I can tell you I tried 9-10 different ones every year for the past five years. I was 75 years old when it started and I am now 81 years old. I am in good health and I still work. I have not been able to get an erection and keep it. I read your pamphlet and took your T-Boost test and failed. Then I ordered my first bottle of T-Boost. After 3 weeks of taking it, I started getting more feeling and began to have erections which I haven’t had. And I can tell you they were great and also were longer in length and girth. My lady friend was very pleased with me, and I satisfied her. She said I look like a stud. Please believe me it is so great to be like a man again and be able to take care of your woman. I am so grateful for your product. Thank you.

– Carroll L. Green


I have been taking Isoprex as directed for 9 days and my arthritis pain has vanished. This is a great product. I was taking 3 narcotic pills a day (maximum allowed) and I am happy to be off this prescription and walking without pain again.


– Paul Hutter


I am 70 plus and a great user and believer in your Oraescin product which relieves swelling and pain in my legs, ankles, and feet. After using 1 capsule 3 times a day, I all of a sudden didn't require my compression knee stockings. My veins are in check, and I have improved circulation for my legs, and even my hands and fingers. I can now bend, stretch, lift, and reach without swelling and pain. The ingredients in Oraescin are the best and getting my Automatic shipment works for me!

– Barbara Kelson