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Advanced All Natural Acute Pain, Inflammation and Joint Health Formula

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Don’t Spend the Rest of Your Life
with Pain and Inflammation –
Block It Out Forever!

Isoprex is designed to give you relief from nagging, constant, or long-term pain:

  • Joints
  • Back or neck
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Heart problems
  • Swollen ankles or feet
  • Headaches
  • Asthma
  • And much more!

The true key to blocking pain and inflammation is stopping it right where it starts…with Isoprex.

100 Percent Effective – Even in the WORST Cases!

Isoprex works because it acts on the source of pain – your body’s inflammatory response. New evidence shows that most pain is the result of inflammation. Stop inflammation, and the pain stops, too.

Inflammation is also the source of many conditions besides pain, like heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and even thyroid and dental problems. Stop inflammation, and you could potentially halt your health problems before they can do more damage!

How does Isoprex work? It goes to the source of all that pain and inflammation, to an enzyme contained in every cell in your body called 5-LOX. This single enzyme is like the doorman who opens or closes the door to inflammation. When the door is open your body produces chemicals that kill inflammation. Once your inflammation is healed, the doorman shuts the door and your body stops producing those chemicals. But sometimes the doorman is asleep at the job, and the inflammatory chemicals go hog wild, killing not just inflamed tissue and cells, but healthy ones, too. Those aches and pains are not just your body aging. They are your body turning on itself. They are signs that 5-LOX and other harmful enzymes are attacking your body.

Isoprex tames the overproduction of 5-LOX and eliminates or moderates pain and inflammation. The key is a substance derived from the ancient frankincense tree, called boswellic acid. Numerous studies prove boswellic acids are powerful painkillers, and that they actually inhibit development of inflammatory disease. Just since 2010 there have been over 900 studies on the therapeutic qualities and mechanisms of boswellic acid.

One study found that boswellia reduces swelling as well as NSAIDs, but without the stomach damage associated with NSAIDs. In other studies, boswellia decreased pain, swelling, and morning stiffness as well as NSAIDs, minus the side effects.

Be warned: You can find boswellia in other supplements, but they don’t tell you that boswellia is not easily absorbed into your system. That’s why we use a super-advanced, patented and proprietary formula that has gone through a special process to extract the active ingredient, AKBA, for faster absorption and quicker therapeutic benefit.

Boswellia isn’t the only active ingredient in Isoprex, though. There are other important pain and inflammation fighters, too.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with Isoprex for any reason at all you will receive a refund of 100% of the purchase price.