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Turn back the hands of time – safely and naturally…

A leading formulator and distributor of exclusive, physician-developed anti-aging products. All our unique products contain the highest quality and concentration of powerful ultra-antioxidants, designed to help you turn back the hands of time – safely and naturally.


You may have heard of the “French Red Wine Paradox,” researchers showed that the French had a secret weapon when it came to combating cholesterol, heart problems, brain loss, and immune deficiencies: They drink red wine!
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T-Boost Caplets

Even under normal circumstances, men in their fifties have testosterone levels that have fallen by 10% to 20%. Often the drop is much higher. And low testosterone levels are accompanied by symptoms of… Learn more


Isoprex DELIVERS 25 TIMES the pain-fighting power of any other natural solution while ERASING joint pain, muscle pain, limb pain and any other pain. Learn more

• Stop agonizing and dangerous inflammation in its tracks.
• Works safetly, gently and naturally all day, every day!
• Do it all without the side-effects and worries of traditional pain solutions


Prosentials is the only major formula to combine the world’s first antibiotic-proof probiotic, Saccharomyces boulardii, with six of the hardiest and most active beneficial bacteria in a single daily capsule. Learn more


Oraescin is the clinically proven, safe and effective solution that gets to the 2 REAL CAUSES of varicose veins — weak veins and poor circulation.
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Youthful Allure

Resveratrol On Skin Blocks Skin Cancer Before It Starts!
UVB sun rays cause 90% of all skin cancers and 90% of visible signs of skin aging – wrinkles, blotches, dry and saggy skin. YOUTHFUL ALLURE™ with resveratrol blocks skin cancer and reverses visible signs of skin aging – fine line wrinkles, and dry, sagging skin. Learn more

Lexitrol Ultimate

Lexitrol Ultimate was designed specifically for ANY man who has ever suffered from diminishing sexual desire or a complete lack of sexual function. Learn more